About Us

As parents, we are constantly seeking what is best for our children.  Every day, we want to become a better parent than we were yesterday.  As we incorporated our active son into our lives, we found ourselves making many changes ---eating healthier, getting more exercise, and even just saying no to things sometimes.  It was during this process of change that we discovered cloth diapers.  We were curious when we met people who used cloth.   Would they be doable for an active family like ours?  Who wants to ride on an airplane fumbling with safety pins and white rags?  Do they even let safety pins on an airplane these days anyway?  And who wants to have to deal with poop?  Why would I catch it in cloth when I can just throw it away?

But the more we thought about it, the more we found ourselves seeking to save money and remove chemicals from our lives.

Just Googling the subject, though, is intimidating. Did you know that cloth diapering seems to have its own vocabulary? How in the world will I even know what to do or not do if I can't understand what they are saying?  Thankfully there are mothers who have not only been down the cloth diapering road but have tested, tried and deciphered the language. 

We decided we were all in, and then we discovered there is nowhere in our area to buy cloth diapers. We found that most are made in China and you can get them straight from the manufacturer for a great price --- if you’re willing to wait two months and still possibly not get what you ordered.  So that is when ButtlerBottoms was born.  We can sell the diapers at affordable prices and with acceptable shipping times! What if we got super cute patterns and accessories that make life just one step easier so you can enjoy spending that time with your child?

So here we are today, ready to offer you a great experience in cloth diapering.  Hey, if this Dad can do it, anyone can!